Warranties and refunds

Detailed warranty rules:


This warranty applies to goods purchased from VOKYR and their authorized representative stores in
Lithuania. The warranty starts from the day of sale or transfer of the goods, unless otherwise
specified in the contract. The product’s warranty period is specified in your purchase document.
VOKYR has the right to refuse to apply the warranty if the warranty conditions listed below and/or
the instructions for use of the product are violated. When the seller replaces the product or its
accessories during the warranty period, the new item or accessories are covered by the extended
warranty period.
The warranty terms applicable to natural persons are – 2-year warranty.
The warranty terms applicable to legal entities are – 1 year warranty.



Warranty service rules:


  1. When submitting the product for warranty repair, you must submit a photo of the defect and the
    purchase document (cash receipt and/or VAT invoice or copy of the bank transfer).
  2. Goods cannot be returned without a purchase document (handover-acceptance deed). If you lose
    the transfer-receipt deed, have a document confirming your identity.
  3. The goods or their components are accepted by the seller by drawing up the goods acceptancetransfer act. One copy of this act is given to the client.
  4. The goods must be delivered in a secure package that ensures safe transportation. If the product
    is delivered without proper packaging, the seller is not responsible for mechanical damage caused
    during transportation.
  5. To receive warranty service, you can contact the nearest VOKYR branch or send a photo of the
    defect and the purchase document to info@vokyr.com.
  6. If the failure is not confirmed or if failures occur that are not subject to warranty obligations and
    are not free of charge, all costs related to transporting the product to service, identifying the failure,
    and repairing it must be paid at the customer’s expense.
  7. During the warranty period, if the defects are due to the manufacturer’s fault, they must be
    removed by the manufacturer’s authorized representative (VOKYR) within a reasonable time from
    the delivery of the goods to the authorized representative. VOKYR shall not be liable for any delay or
    failure to fulfill warranty obligations due to an event or contingency beyond VOKYR’s control,
    including natural disasters, fire, government restrictions or restraints, strikes, transportation delays
    or reduced material resources. VOKYR strives to eliminate possible product defects as quickly and
    efficiently as possible and, if necessary, tries to use all available resources to the maximum to solve
    the problem.
  8. The goods will be replaced or refunded if the malfunctions that occurred during the warranty
    period during operation cannot be eliminated.
  9. When picking up the product, be sure to check whether you have returned the complete set of
    the product. Later, claims regarding the package will not be accepted.
  10. If the customer does not pick up the product after the product has been repaired, VOKYR has the
    right to store the product no longer after being notified of the possibility to collect it, within 6
    months from the completion of the repair.



Warranty obligations are not valid in the following cases:


  1. Failures occurred due to natural disasters (lightning, flood, earthquake, fires) and improper
    operating conditions.
  2. Malfunctions occurred due to illegal, inappropriate voltage sources, electrical network
  3. Not following the rules for using the device, provided in the device’s instructions.
  4. Malfunctions occurred after the device was dropped, bumped or moved by the customer.
  5. Failures were repaired by a service or person not authorized by VOKYR.
  6. The product was intentionally damaged.
  7. Malfunctions occurred using consumables, accessories, the use of which is not recommended by
    the VOKYR manufacturer.
  8. This warranty does not apply if the product is purchased from unapproved suppliers or third
    parties. The warranty is provided only when the product is purchased from authorized suppliers
    whose contact information can be found in the contact section of the www.vokyr.com website.
  9. The warranty is void if the appearance changes, but it does not affect the functionality. This also
    does not cover cracks, scratches, splits, the appearance of rust, small cracks in the glaze of the
    external parts, which do not affect the operation of the grill or heat retention and do not pose a risk
    when using the device.
  10. The warranty becomes void if flammable liquid is poured on the grill. The warranty also becomes
    void if the grill is used with the wrong types of fuel. In order to use the barbecue, it is necessary to
    use dry wood. The use of flammable liquidsis prohibited. The warranty is also void if the grill parts
    are cleaned with water or chemicals.
  11. The warranty is also void in the presence of harmful substances such as chlorine, industrial
    fumes, chemicals, fertilizers, high humidity, lawn pesticides and salt. It can damage metal paints and
    coatings. As a result, metal, stainless steel and cast iron parts are not warranted for rust, oxidation,
    fading and/or other defects.
  12. The warranty is also not valid for those goods that are not properly stored or assembled not
    according to the instructions, used improperly, used for purposes other than those intended,
    changed or cleaned with inappropriate means and methods. The manufacturer’s warranty does not
    apply to natural wear and tear of the product or changes in its properties, and does not apply to any
    accidental damage, cracks, scratches, etc. Costs associated with unjustified breach of warranty shall
    be at the customer’s expense.
  13. In winter, autumn and spring, especially during heavy snow or other precipitation, it is necessary
    to protect the grill when not in use with a cover. The warranty for the VOKYR barbecue is not valid if
    the barbecue is stored in an open space (not under a roof) and a cover is not used.


If you have any problems with the use of the product, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone
+37064787315 or email Email info@vokyr.com.