Payment and delivery

Payment conditions:

  1. Payment by bank transfer:
    Payment by bank transfer is available to all customers. After placing the order, our
    consultant will send an invoice to your e-mail, which will include all payment details. After
    receiving the funds, our manager will confirm the order and send the goods.
  2. Payment in cash:
    In our store, you can pay in cash during self-service. You can pay at the checkout.
  3. Cash payment to the courier:
    By ordering cash payment to the courier, you can pay for the goods on the spot when you
    receive the order.
    The courier will accept the payment and leave you a receipt.
  4. Other:
    If you have a preferred payment method that is not listed on the website, please contact our
    consultant. We will be happy to help and offer you the most convenient payment method,
    which does not contradict the law of the state of Lithuania.
    We hope that our payment terms and delivery methods will be available to every customer.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our consultant by phone
    +37064787315 or send an email to Email



The delivery methods we offer:

  1. Delivery by courier:
    Our company cooperates with reliable transport companies that deliver goods directly to the
    address specified by you. Our courier will deliver your order at the agreed time so that you
    can receive it in a convenient way.
  2. Pickup in store:
    If you prefer to pick up the product yourself, we offer an in-store pick-up option. When
    placing an order, our consultant will tell you the address and time when you can pick up the
  3. Another:
    If you are inconvenient or unable to use the proposed delivery methods, our consultant will
    contact you to discuss and agree on a convenient delivery method for you. We are ready to
    work with you to meet your individual needs.
  4. Delivery to other countries:
    Our company VOKYR offers delivery of goods to its customers throughout Europe. We
    cooperate with reliable courier services that guarantee timely and high-quality delivery of
    We do our best to make our delivery terms flexible and convenient for our customers. If you
    have any questions or need more information about our shipping methods, please contact
    our customer service team at or +37064787315