VOKYR - Cook
With Confidence & Style

VOKYR - Cook With Confidence & Style

Elevate your outdoor cooking with VOKYR - the perfect blend of form and function!

Introducing the VOKYR

The VOKYR COMFORT is a stationary barbecue with an exclusive grill surface. This round altar is designed so that the cooking surface heats up from 220 to 300 degrees, creating optimum cooking conditions around the grill. The cooking height is designed to be comfortable not only for cooking while standing around the altar but also for the comfort of sitting next to it. In addition, the ventilation holes in the altar ensure optimum airflow, which is distributed evenly when the fire is burning.

Grill like a pro, entertain like a legend with VOKYR in your backyard.

Elevate your culinary adventures and transform every meal into an unforgettable experience with VOKYR – order your grill today and ignite the love for outdoor cooking!

1499 Eur

1299 Eur

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